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Urban Renewed Ltd is a multidisciplinary firm that offers MEP engineering services to clients in the construction industry. The company's MEP engineering services are aimed at ensuring that buildings are safe, functional, and energy-efficient. Urban Renewed Ltd employs a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers who use the latest technologies and strategies to design and install MEP systems in buildings.

One of the services offered by Urban Renewed Ltd is the design of HVAC systems. The company's HVAC systems are designed to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for building occupants while minimizing energy consumption. Urban Renewed Ltd uses energy modeling software to simulate the performance of HVAC systems and optimize their design for energy efficiency.


we excel and possess an in-depth knowledge of best practices that extends across multiple markets.


MEP engineering for housing facilities requires a balanced approach to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, lighting design, maintainability and sustainability of the facility.


Properly conditioned environments can improve student performance, decrease absenteeism, and promote a positive learning experience. Our goal for all K-12 Schools projects


Urban Renewed Limited is a leader in the innovative design and development of sophisticated laboratory facilities including medical research, clean spaces,

Sports & Recreation

Urban Renewed Limited provides mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services for college and university athletic competition and student sports and recreation facilities,

Urban Renewed Limited has over 10 years’ experience in building and construction industry. we have a proven track record in delivering client projects to the most demanding of timescales, within budget and with the lowest possible client risk.This specialist expertise and experience gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind from the outset that their project is in the best possible hands.We have been involved in various mechanical and electrical engineering services with the below being some of the key projects we have successfully completed and commissioned:

Some of our projects include:

1. Low, Medium, High End Homes & Town Houses

2. Various Multi-Story Apartments

3. Office Blocks

4. Hotels (1-5*****)

Our Culture

Collaboration On All Fronts

As a consulting engineering partner, as well as an employer, Urban Renewed Limited values collaboration, trust and transparency with our partners, as well as among our employees. It's what makes us a great place to work and a great firm to hire!


Our collaborative approach is seen in everything from our office layout to team structures to transfer of project deliverables to clients. We HAVE completed an office renovation that included removing several walls and adding multiple collaboration areas. Cubicle spaces with high walls were replaced with double cubicles with low walls where senior and junior engineers are paired for improved mentoring. Mechanical and electrical disciplines are interspersed to improve sharing of project knowledge. Moving to a fully remote work arrangement due to the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic did not impact our collaborative nature one iota. In the office one day and online the next, we never missed a beat.

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